The story behind Mosquito Woodworks starts with my grandfather, who got me interested in woodworking. As a child, I was fascinated with his workshop. He had drawers and drawers of tools, and he would open up each one and explain how each tool worked.

‘Mosquito’ comes from the name of an airplane made of wood that was very successful during the Second World War. My grandfather, who was an immigrant to Canada, worked at Toronto’s de Havilland Aircraft Company, which made the Mosquitos. He later joined the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war. I also served nine years in the Canadian Armed Forces and worked at Denison Armoury, which is located near where the de Havilland factory once stood.

‘Mosquito’ ties together my grandfather, woodworking, and our military service together in one word.

As for me, after serving 9 years in the Canadian Army as an infantryman and then as an office clerk, I went back to school at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  I have done kitchen and bathroom builds and installs, furniture design and construction, and now my passion is in vintage restoration.

If you are interested in having a piece refinished, or are looking for a certain like-new antique, please contact me:

Hope to hear from you soon!