Kitchen Cupboard

This kitchen cupboard was found in the back storage area of my wife’s grandparents house.  When it was being cleaned out before it was to be sold we  got to go in an take anything we wanted.  All the aunts and uncles didn’t want the ugly old cupboard covered in layers and layers of paint.


I was so excited about getting this project started that I didn’t take a proper before picture.  As you can see, everything was painted white.  Even the handles and hinges.


After sanding and using bottles of chemical stripper, I found two original colours on the slide out counter top.  It is enamel covered stainless steel, so the stripper didn’t affect it.  The two colours are a mint green and a creamy white.


The insides of the drawers had never been painted, but they were not pretty.  I used modern wallpaper to cover the bottoms of the drawers


This is the final product.  Its back in a kitchen where it belongs.  Hopefully for another 50 years.


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